It all started when...

He grew up a child of the 80s, as they say, immersed in a neon realm of video games, colorful cartoons, and outlandish comic books. Perhaps he could have been trapped there forever, and he would have been happy to be so, but his parents did manage to lure him out with fresh art supplies and promises of a formal education in the arts. From the age of 8, he began drawing, moving later into sculpting and painting, and still later into creative writing. At the age of 13, he created his first comic book ("The Black") about a man shielded in a liquid power suit made of mysterious dark matter from the future. Eventually he struck out into the world on his own, studying at four different colleges, always moving on when he felt he had absorbed the lessons they could provide. During this time he wrote and drew comic strips for two college newspapers.

 Translating an education in the arts into a paying job proved might frustrating for young Tony, but that changed when he began collecting tattoos. He was offered a traditional apprenticeship in tattooing and quite enjoyed the idea of making a living drawing on skin. He very quickly learned that he could apply traditional painting techniques to skin to create stunning tattoo designs. He began to travel the world, absorbing art from different cultures and adding it to his visual library. From the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan to the dark jungles of the Amazon, from sandy Caribbean islands to classical museums of old Europe, Tony explored and studied the artistic native styles of diverse lands and learned new ways to see the world, until one day he noticed that his real world looked and seemed hardly any different from those magical fantasy realms he explored as a child.

He decided then that it was time to branch out into every art form he could manage. He sculpted oddities for sale at weird markets. He served as art director on a science fiction film. He created his own tarot deck. He sold psychedelic posters at music festivals. He created twisted dark murals for a Memphis nightclub. He had a project called the Rabid Eye Movement, where he painted a single complete painting every day for 3 years. He branched into digital artwork and photography under the name Memfamous Arts. He wrote terrible poetry for various webzines. And eventually he was invited to work on an epic fantasy graphic novel by Donald Juengling called Bethany's Song.

Upon returning to his first love of comics, he found this most fulfilling and he set out to create his own comic company based in Memphis, TN. In 2016, he founded Memfamous Comics and kicked it off with a 16-issue graphic novel mystery called The Golden Silence, which introduced a detective named Filadelfo Burden. The series was set in a futuristic version of his hometown, Memphis, and he used his writing to reflect the way he perceived the city around him. In 2017, he expanded Memfamous Comics' line to include two new titles: The Crimson Hand and Memfamous Comics Presents.

Today he happily illustrates skin at No Regrets Tattoo Emporium in Memphis, Tennessee, while handling solo writing and art duties on all of his comics. He is nowhere close to running out of stories, and he only hopes he has enough years left on Earth to tell them all.  He still lives somewhere inside his childhood fantasy realm and considers all welcome to join him there... for the fair cover price of $5 of course!