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Born under a New Moon in Memphis, TN in 1977, Tony Max entered the world quietly with no noise or additional fanfare. He was raised by a large and extended family on a self-sufficient farmstead deep in the Mississippi Delta. Isolated from neighbors by miles of forests and pastures and practically invisible to the busy adults around him, he discovered a stash of pilfered stationary and, through that, a secret fantasy world of his own design. A relative gave him a box of old Marvel comics, which taught him not only how to read but how to use art sequentially to tell a story. Comics were indeed his first love.



upcoming events

Join Tony at Memphis Comic Expo, September 16th and 17th, at the Agricenter International. He'll be selling his last graphic novel, The Golden Silence, and the first issue of his new novel, The Crimson Hand. Fans can also purchase the  first issue of his anthology series, Memfamous Comics Presents, or get stickers and t-shirts.